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IFAT Eurasia 2019: Turkey initiates Zero Waste Project


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Istanbul / Munich, April 27, 2018

Press Release

IFAT Eurasia 2019: Turkey initiates Zero Waste Project

Next IFAT Eurasia: March 28 to 30, 2019 in Istanbul

Zero Waste Project to establish a nationwide recycling system

Action plan proposes recycling rate of 60 percent

Innovation and growth – these are fields in which Turkey, the host country of IFAT Eurasia 2019, is making its mark. Date and location of the trade fair’s third edition have now been determined: Eurasia’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies will take place March 28 through 30, 2019, once again at the Istanbul Expo Centre (IFM). In addition to water and sewage technologies, the trade fair will highlight modern waste and recycling solutions. The latter are particularly in demand right now.

In Turkey, waste is still almost completely disposed of in landfills. But the number of unregulated landfills remains higher than the number of sanitary landfills. That is the finding of a current adelphi country study on the topic of “Waste management in Turkey.” In order to establish a sustainable recycling economy in the country, the Turkish ministry for the environment has initiated the Zero Waste Project. The initiative calls for the infrastructure of a nationwide recycling system to be established in public and private institutions. In addition, the project aims to raise public awareness for environmental issues, particularly recycling. Specifically, it provides for training measures at businesses, modification of the system to fit the respective establishments, and assessment of its implementation. The pilot phase at the ministry for the environment began in June 2017. Starting in April 2018, the project will be expanded to another 230 state institutions in the capital of Ankara. Turkey wants to have the recycling system established nationwide by 2023.

Action plan proposes recycling rate of 60 percent

The action plan for recycling 2014-2017 also highlights the great potential in Turkey to further develop its recycling economy. According to the authors of the adelphi study, the Turkish ministry for science, industry and technology has therefore set progressive recycling targets to be reached by 2020: After a recycling rate of 48 percent was established for 2015, the goal will be gradually increased to 60 percent by 2020. That rate includes all types of waste, except wood. An increase of 5 (2015) to 15 (2020) percent is proposed in that category (wood). According to Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI), the number of recycling operations in Turkey increased by more than 50 percent between 2015 and 2017. The current annual market volume is estimated at approx. €5 billion. But the country will have to invest €60 billion in order to meet EU standards for recycling rates, among other things.

IFAT Eurasia: Marketplace for Turkish and international providers 

Innovative recycling technologies and services are thus in demand. At IFAT Eurasia 2019 in Istanbul, Turkish and international companies will be able to learn about opportunities for technology transfer and collaboration and to present their products and services to an expert audience. The topics of the trade fair range from waste management and recycling, Waste to Energy, to water and sewage technologies, through to municipal vehicles. Interested companies can already opt to participate:

More information on the event is available at

About IFAT Eurasia

As the leading trade fair for environmental technologies in Eurasia, IFAT Eurasia presented solutions for the areas water, sewage, refuse and recycling. The event is organized by Messe München and its subsidiary Messe München Eurasia. A total of 11,326 trade visitors from 68 countries as well as 230 exhibitors from 18 countries took part in the trade fair in 2017. 412 companies were represented. The trade fair covered an exhibition area of 17,000 square meters. The next event will take place in Istanbul in spring 2019.

IFAT worldwide

Messe München´s competence in organizing environmental-technology events is demonstrated not only in the world´s leading trade fair for the sector, IFAT, but also in a range of other international trade exhibitions around the world. The spectrum encompasses IFAT Africa in Johannesburg, IFAT Eurasia in Istanbul, IFAT India in Mumbai, as well as IE expo in Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Messe München

Messe München is one of the leading exhibition organizers worldwide with more than 50 of its own trade shows for capital goods, consumer goods and new technologies. Every year, a total of over 50,000 exhibitors and around three million visitors take part in more than 200 events at the exhibition center in Munich, at the ICM – Internationales Congress Center München and the MOC Veranstaltungscenter München as well as abroad. Together with its subsidiary companies, Messe München organizes trade shows in China, India, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Nigeria, Vietnam and Iran. With a network of associated companies in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America as well as around 70 representations abroad for over 100 countries, Messe München has a global presence.

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